Gluten Free Quick Bread 03 Corn Flour

This week I've been busy doing calculations for various gluten free quick bread recipes and experimenting with 4 different loaves. 

This latest quick bread is unique, fast proofing and tasty, depending on your taste preferences.

The bread texture is airy, bouncy, and slightly crispy like toast bread. Delicious! 

U just gotta eat it while it's still hot, as usual. 

40 Minutes Quick Bread

This recipe is quicker compared to the previous quick breads i've made. 

It took only 25 minutes to proof beautifully, but I left it on counter for 40 minutes. 

Before, I made:

Quick Bread 01 using 3 GF starch flour with 80% hydration
Quick Bread 02 using 3 GF starch flour and 1 GF whole grain (buckwheat) with 103% hydration
Quick Bread 03 using 2 GF starch flour and 1 GF whole grain (maize flour) with 86% hydration. 

These quick bread recipes are perfect for beginners to try. They're super easy. Definitely worth to try

Check recipe's result here Quick Bread 03

In this recipe, i use waterbath technique to fasten the proofing time. You can skip this technique and let your loaf double rise by itself

What is waterbath technique?

Waterbath method is where you proof your dough by placing it in a covered container or bowl. Then put the container inside a larger container filled with hot water.

I place my dough in a loaf pan and covered it. Then put it inside larger container and close the container too.

This method helps create steam, maintain warm environment around the dough & activate yeast during proofing time.

Make sure the water level below the proofing container/loaf pan, to prevent it from getting into the dough.

Close the larger container and wait until the dough double rise

This technique can save lots of time

In this recipe only 25 minutes, my dough double rise but i wait proofing until 40 minutes then bake it in the oven

Let's make it. It's worth too try!

Soft but crispy at the same time. 

Why I used Xanthan Gum and Psyllium Husk?

I've been using lots of xanthan gum and psyllium husk in my other different recipe. Both gave me different texture and taste.

When using xanthan gum, my bread turns out really soft! I successfully made Gluten Free Yudane Sandwich Bread and it is super soft!

Using XG, the dough hard to shape. But the final texture definitely gave me masterpiece bread. 

When using psyllium husk, my bread turns out slightly chewy, kind of like the texture of the husk itself, but the taste is acceptable. 

My dough is easy to shape beautifully. 

In fact, my artisan bread turns out beautiful, jiggly, easy to score when using PH! Ahh, i love psyllium husk.

But to get gluten free bread texture soft like a wheat bread by using single binder will not getting close to that. 

That is why i tried to experimen and combine both binder because their properties and functions complement each other.

Both have pro and con if use it as single binder in bread recipe

Quick Bread Like A Toast Bread

This recipe tastes like toast because it uses whole grain flour (maize flour/corn flour masa harina), which has a slightly coarse texture. 

So, the bread's texture can be described as soft inside, crispy outside.

The bread has plenty of air pockets inside and feels bouncy. 

Eat while the bread still warm as gluten free bread quickly loses moisture.

What's So Special With This Quick Gluten Free Bread Recipe?

  1. 25 to 40 minutes to rise
  2. Ready to eat in less than 2 hours
  3. Soft, bouncy and crispy
  4. Gluten Free
  5. Made with instant yeast
  6. Save my time
  7. Kids love it

Let's Try It!

Ingredients A

  • 45g cornflour masa harina (not cornstarch)
  • 150g potato starch
  • 111g white rice folur (100% rice)
  • 26g protein powder
  • 6g xanthan gum
  • 12g psyllium husk
  • 48g sugar (i used organic cane sugar. Blend it)
  • 6g himsalt
  • 8g instant yeast

Ingredients B

  • 63g egg white
  • 18g coconut oil
  • 264g water


  1. Whisk together all ingredients A. Set aside
  2. In another bowl, mix water, egg white, and 9g of oil. Whisk until foamy. (not stiff or soft peak. Just foamy)
  3. Add the ingredients from step 1 into the ingredients step 2 gradually.
  4. Then add another 9g coconut oil and mix it until well combine. Dough sticky, and cannot shape. It’s normal, no worries
  5. Line parchment paper inside loaf pan. Transfer the dough into loaf pan. Do waterbath technique to speed up proofing time
  6. The dough will puff up double during rising (mine take about 25-40 minutes only). When it double rise. Preheat oven 170°c and bake your loaf for 40 minutes or until the bread is cooked (depends on your oven)
  7. Take the bread out, remove the paper and place it on cooling rack
  8. Make sure it cooled completely before cutting
  9. While still hot, the bread still cooking inside. If you cut it too early, your bread will a little bit gummy/chewy. So wait for maybe 30 minutes then cut your bread


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