Gluten Free Quick Bread 01 Starch Flour

This quick bread recipe was inspired by a YouTube video. The bread turns out really soft even though it only uses gluten-free starch flour. 

I've been making dozens of gluten-free bread and gluten-free sourdough since last year.

There are recipes that are incredibly delicious and become keepers, and then there are some that don't quite hit the mark. 

But of course, only the best recipes I share on my social media platforms. 

This quick bread recipe is one of the easiest to make and soft texture.

To make sure it's not just me who finds this recipe interesting and amazing, try check out some comments from members of the gluten-free recipe group asmrdhia about the bread they themselves tried making.

@asmrdhia Roti Sandwich Gluten Free Saya guna yis instant brand meriah. Hasil roti tiada bau dan tiada aftertaste. Loveee sangat! Pastikan guna tepung beras jati atau cap kampung sahaja Boleh tambah gula dalam resepi untuk percepatkan proses proofing Dalam resepi guna 4 tepung. Tapi boleh saja guna 3 tepung. Boleh d.m saya untuk saya tunjuk cara Resepi ni juga boleh ganti yis dengan starter GFSD Gluten Free Sourdough Semua resepi yang saya buat ada dikongsi di grup fb resepi gluten free asmrdhia dan gluten free recipe GFSD Dan ianya PERCUMA saja #glutenfree #sandwichbread #bread #jati #wheatfree ♬ Moonlight - Villano


Make sure your dough double rise before bake. How to know it's ready to bake? You'll notice small air bubbles on the surface of the bread dough.

There's another technique to know when the bread is ready to be baked. 

It's called the poke test. But honestly, the poke test isn't entirely accurate because it can be tricky to distinguish between underproofed, overproof and well-proofed dough. 

So, the easiest technique to know is when air bubbles appear on the surface of the bread. 

For Malaysian, if want to learn this technique, you can go to Masterclass GFSD

3 Types of Gluten Free Flours

There are 3 categories of gluten Free Flours:

  1. Starch
  2. Wholegrains
  3. Low Carbs
I already list down 40+ types of GF Flours in Change Your Cooking Game Channel .

For now I already experimented starch flour and proceed to wholegrains. 

Each type of flour will give different results in gluten-free bread. 

Some flours yield chewy results, some make the bread soft, some are good for crusty bread, and there are many more variations.

It's not just about the type of flour. Other ingredients like liquids, fats, proteins, and bread-making techniques also determine the outcome of the bread.

Advantages of Gluten Free Flours (starch)

The advantage of using starch flour in bread recipes is that it creates airy, soft, and beautifully formed air pockets in the bread.

And gluten-free flour in this category yields different results compared to when we use whole grain flour.

I explain about using whole grain gluten-free flour for bread in recipe quick bread 02

Let's try make this recipe. Ow, for quick bread recipe, I will use waterbath technique to fasten the proofing time.

Ingredients A:

  • 200g white rice flour (100% rice)
  • 180g potato starch
  • 20g tapioca starch
  • 100g cornstarch 
  • 10g xanthan gum
  • 8g instant dry yeast
  • 1/2 tsp himsalt (himalayan salt)

Ingredients B:

  • 400g water
  • 94g egg white
  • 30g coconut oil


  1. Mix all ingredients A in a bowl. Set aside
  2. In other bowl, hand whisk 400g water, egg white and 15g of coconut oil until foamy texture (not stiff or soft peak. Just foamy is  enough)
  3. Add ingredients from step 1 into bowl step 2, gradually.
  4. Then add another 15g coconut oil. Whisk until well combine
  5. Dough sticky and cannot shape it. It's normal. No worries
  6. Griss your loaf pan with coconut oil/butter or line baking paper in your loaf pan
  7. Transfer the dough into loaf pan. Cover the loaf pan and do waterbath technique to speed up proofing time
  8. When the dough double rise, preheat oven 170 °c .You can do an egg wash on top of the bread if you like. (mine double rise in 2 hours, do not follow my proof timing. It depends on your room temp, or technique you use for proofing time)
  9. Bake your loaf for 40 minutes or until your bread cooked (depends on your oven)
  10. Take the bread out from loaf pan and let it cool on cooling rack
  11. Cut the bread once the bread cooled completely
You can mix match this sandwich quick bread with any protein (eggs, chicken, meat) or veggies. 

Hack your meals to slow down the absorption of glucose in the blood by including more fiber-rich foods, healthy fats, and proteins in your meals.


Asmrdhia, a seasoned expert in the realm of gluten-free sourdough, revels in imparting invaluable tips and insights, generously sharing her expertise with love and dedication. facebook youtube tiktok instagram

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