Gluten Free Ramen Soup Noodles Using 1 Flour

I've tried this menu on 2023, ramen soup shared by members of fb group resepi gluten free asmrdhia

ramen noodle soup

Taste delicious and satisfy my craving! 

Only use 1 type of flour that is potato flour. 

You can substitute potato starch with tapioca or glutinous rice flour as the same function & texture when making gluten free recipes.

This recipe is not suitable for those who have insulin resistance problem, because starch flour is high in carbs.

Unless, if you want to hack this recipe by tweak into gluten free sourdough recipes

When you make GFSD (Gluten Free Sourdough Recipes), fermentation proses will break the carbs in flour, thus will reduce glicemic index. 

And if you mix match the bread with any real food like veges, protein like meat/chicken/egg. This kind of way will also reducing more the glicemic index on your meal.

Amazing right? 

I'll make GFSD Ramen Noodles soon in this blog okay? 

So, let's try basic recipes of making gluten free ramen noodles!


  • 190g potato starch (substitute with tapioca starch or glutinous rice flour)
  • 2 whole egg medium size
  • Pinch of salt or mushroom seasoning
  • Pinch of curcumin powder for natural colouring
How to:

  1. In a bowl, beat all the egg until well combine
  2. Then gradually add flour and whisk it until well combine
  3. Add on pinch of curcumin powder, salt or mushroom seasoning. Stir well
  4. Pour all the mixture in a piping bag. Then, cut a small opening at the tip of piping bag
  5. Boiling noodles: Heat water in a pot until small bubbles form but make sure not too hot
  6. Then pipe the mixture into the pot. 
  7. When the noodles starts to float, immediately take it out and place it in a cold water (with ice cube in it)
  8. Then strain and toss it. Now, you're ready to eat it!
  9. In a bowl, mix ramen noodles, veges, chicken and soup. Ready to serve
Boiling tips: After 1st round cook the noodles, change to a new water. Then repeat same step to make more noodles.

Now you won't know it's actually gluten free!


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