Gluten Free Zero Sugar Condensed Milk In 1 Minutes

I used to blend all ingredients to make condensed milk in 1 minutes. No need to cook condensed milk on stove anymore. 

Keto condensed milk

Actually, in 2021 i failed trying recipe that need to cook on stove. Too much consuming my time and the result not as perfect like i want

Until i found new technique to make easiest condensed milk (baker's instinct i think?)

U just need to mix all the ingredient in a blender and blend it til get not too thick or too watery consistency

If the texture still looks not like condensed milk, no worries. Cause when you chill it in fridge, your condensed milk will turn into a thick condensed milk

This recipe diabetes friendly, keto friendly.

You can use it in any recipe like hot chocolate, latte, chai tea, cinnamon rolls topping 

And taste it without any guilt as it is:

  • Sugar Free
  • Low Carbs 
  • High Fat

It taste exactly like condensed milk but healthy version.

Look at the result in video below:

@asmrdhia Keto Condensed Milk Ready In 5 Minutes Ingredients enough for 2 cups of milk drink: 17g unsalted pure butter/ghee 40g Coconut Milk Powder/whey protein isolate 10g Monk fruit sweetener Pinch of salt Pinch of vanilla powder (optional) 30g Water Blend it all and you're ready to go. If not thick yet, add in more milk powder Chill in fridge, texture will extra thick if in fridge. This recipe can tweak as substitution for heavy cream/whipping cream in recipes. But omit sweetener, salt and vanilla Bahan ganti/substitute ingredients: 1. Monk fruit sweetener/stevia/allulose 2. Coconut milk powder/whey protein isolate/mct oil powder 3. Pure butter/Ghee/Coconut oil Please check packaging label and make sure no maltodextrin, no added sugar, no emusifier or any preservatives in milk powder ingredients above. Only dried freeze,unflavored milk powder good to use More Tips Trick Technique in gluten free and gfsd in my bio #condensedmilk #glutenfree #ketofriendly #keto #lowcarbshighfat ♬ Love Letter - Cavendish Music

I did not use any whipping cream or heavy cream from store because i do not like carageenan and another emulsifier in that product.

I'd prefer DIY whipping/heavy cream at home 

So, how to make healthy condensed milk?


  • 17g unsalted pure Butter
  • 30g Warm water
  • 10g Monkfruit sweetener
  • Pinch of salt
  • Pinch of vanilla powder
  • 40g Coconut milk powder (make sure it is freeze dried and no additional ingredient. Coconut only)
How to:

Blend all of it in your blend machine. Blend about 2-4 minutes. And youre ready to go!


  • If it's not thick yet, add more milk powder
  • If chill in fridge, it will last about one or two weeks. And texture also get thick inside fridge
  • Ingredients above is in small quantities. You can double triple the size if you want. But adjust the thickness by add more milk powder if it's not thick yet

I made this for my mom and other family members. 

So they can drink teh tarik, kopi susu without any hesitation, plus it also gives benefit to their health. Why?

There's lots of benefit consuming coconut powder, One of it is it rich in healthy fat and will make you full all day.

Owh, i also made burnt cheesecake using my homemade condensed milk. I do not use store's whipping cream at all.


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