Gluten Free Crepes, Thinnest And Softest Ever!

I have made various crepes recipes many times, but to be honest this time, this recipe is the most thinnest and softest crepes ever and only using 2 types of gluten free flour!

In Malaysia, we called crepes as 'lempeng' and I love to eat it with sambal and curry.

If you want an extra healthier option, you can hack this crepes recipe using GFSD (Gluten Free Sourdough Starter) and add other fibers such as shredded coconut or use coconut milk. 

In europe, crepes usually mix match with fruits, jams, chocolate filling right? But not for us, Malaysian. Hehe.

We love to eat with sambal for sure. Try it! you will not regret.

But today, i wanted some lempeng/crepes for iftar/break. So, i made thin and delicate crepes which is perfect and easy.

You can flip, roll, fill and fold it! Watch it on my Tiktok Below:

@asmrdhia Resepi Lempeng Gluten Free Lembut Sampai Petang! Guna 2 jenis tepung sahaja Boleh buat kulit popia basah juga ni. Resepi dikongsikan di Fb group resepi gluten free asmrdhia (ratusan resepi powerful ada di sana) BAHAN²: 100g tepung beras 100% 10g tepung ferubi/ubikayu 1sudu besar minyak 1 biji telur 200ml air Secubit himsalt Campur kesemua, kisar kemudian masak dalam non stick pan. Buat nipis² sedapp! Lempeng paling lembut pernah saya buat. Korang perlu cuba. Nanti jual lah menu ni kat bazar ramadhan. Sangat lembut mengalahkan gandum 🤤#glutenfree #lempeng #pancakes ♬ Ramadan Kareem - Megan Yagami

You can also use this recipes and tweak it as crepes cakes.

You don't need xanthan gum, psyllium husk to bind the flour. You just need eggs. Or if you have an allergy with eggs, then switch it with either xanthan gum or psyllium husk

Recipe Image

Gluten Free Crepes Thinnest And Softest

By AsmrDhia

Prep Time: 1 minutes
Cook Time: 15 minutes
Total Time: 16 minutes


  • 100 grams white rice flour 100%
  • 10 grams tapioca starch
  • 1 tbsp coconut oil | or any oil you love
  • 1 whole egg A size
  • 200ml water
  • Pinch of salt | i used himalayan salt


  • Pour all the ingredients in blender. You will get a liquid pancake batter
  • Heat up non stick pan, butter it slightly. Or you can use coconut oil
  • Add a little batter to the pan. As you pour it, swirl around the pan, and you will get thin layer on it
  • Cook on medium heat until the crepes loosen from the pan
  • Flip it and wait for maybe one minutes or less
  • Then place the crepes on a plate. Repeat same step for remaining batter
  • You can serve with any topping or fillings.


  • I f you want thick crepes like a pancake, add more batter while cook it


Asmrdhia, a seasoned expert in the realm of gluten-free sourdough, revels in imparting invaluable tips and insights, generously sharing her expertise with love and dedication. facebook youtube tiktok instagram

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